About Us

Raised and born in Indonesia, I deeply take pride in our natural resources such as exotic leather that can be turned into handmade fashion items with high artistic value. Our fashion collection uses exclusive raw materials so that it will bring a sense of pride to the collectors. 

The first time I got to know this exotic skin material was when I opened the news that there was a well-known brand that tortured animals just for the skin. In the news, animals are killed very sadistically and are still left fresh until they are sent to fashion houses to be skinned. Here, my brand wants to break this statement and tell you that the way of slaughtering animals and taking skins is humane. 

In our country, exotic animals are not only taken for the skin, but also for animals such as monitor lizards and snakes. The purpose of taking the meat of the two animals is for the herbal itching medicine industry. So everything is useful and there is no torture at all here because these animals are still often found in Indonesia. 

I am very proud of what Indonesia has and furthermore being able to take advantage of it rather than having to be exploited and exported raw by foreign parties. Really very proud! 

My future mission is to bring this exotic Indonesian skin fashion to the world stage. We also want to show that the quality of fashion that Indonesia has is not inferior to other luxury brands. We Acalapati Brand want to show you something different. Visit every corner of our shop and you'll find things you've never found before. 

I also hope that you can collaborate directly with us when you visit Bali. So come to Bali as soon as possible and contact us when it arrives and you will get special treatment from us.